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#ThursdayThoughts Blog: Medicare Advantage Part 5 – AEP vs OEP

Over the years there have been many different terms used to describe the time of the year Medicare Beneficiaries can add, change, or drop their Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. The two main acronyms that agents refer to are the AEP and the OEP, which have been us
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#ThursdayThoughts Blog: Medicare Advantage Part 4 – During the AEP

It’s finally here! The Annual Election Period (AEP) has arrived! Now is the time you can enroll your client in a Medicare Advantage (MA) or Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) from October 15th to December 7th.  If you already checked out our previous articles in our Medicare Advantage serie
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#ThursdayThoughts Blog: Medicare Advantage Part 2 – Marketing Medicare Advantage Plans

Every year we get questions about selling Medicare Advantage from a lot of “non-Medicare Advantage agents.” So this year I’ve decided to focus on a Medicare Advantage blog series that will address a lot of the questions our Marketing Department receives about Part C (That’s Medi
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