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Washington National Critical Solutions

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Washington National’s Critical Solutions plan is a Critical Illness Insurance plan that protects your client’s out-of-pocket cost should Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke occur. This Mini Critical Illness plan can help pay for the client’s medical bills and indirect costs such as loss of income, every day bills, travel expenses, hotel stays for loved ones, and special equipment if they are diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack or stroke.

“Three Plans Available to Choose from”

Critical Illness Cancer only provides payment when cancer is diagnosed.

Critical Illness without Cancer provides payment when a heart attack, stroke, or end stage renal failure is diagnosed.

Critical Illness With Cancer provides payment when cancer, heart attack, stroke, or end stage renal failure is diagnosed.

Choose from Two Benefit Options

1. Base Option – offers you a lump-sum payment of $10,000 to $70,000.

2. Option with endorsement-offers you a lump-sum payment of $10,000 to $70,000 plus additional indemnity benefits that provide extra protection against covered critical illnesses.

Cash Value Rider

With the Cash Value Rider, you can receive a check for all premiums paid, minus claims incurred, every 25 years or on the rider anniversary date after your 75th birthday, if that comes sooner.


Wellness Benefit-This benefit pays for covered screening, and is paid whether or not you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke, or end-stage renal.

Hospital Confinement-$200 per day, days 1-30; $400 per day, 31 + days. Benefits are paid each day you are confined to a hospital when you are diagnosed with one of the above listed Critical Illnesses.

Consultation Benefit- $250 per specified critical illness diagnosis. This benefit is paid once when you are diagnosed with one of the above mentioned Critical Illnesses and consult a physician or alternative care provider for a treatment plan.

Radiation and Chemotherapy- $200 per day or $200 per drug.