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SPWL Training & Easy Sales Webinar

A typical client believes the best way to leave money behind for their loved ones is to simply save and set it aside. Learn how to easily leverage their money so that they can leave more to a spouse, child, or grandchild.  Unlike most webinars that focus on the higher net worth retire
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What Your Email Inbox Count Says About You

What’s the number of unread emails—right now, at this moment, without changing anything—in your inbox? That would be 3,487 in the case of Jen here; 1 in the case of Rebecca. More about what that means in a second, but first, a bit of backstory: The New Yorker‘s Silvia Kill
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Time Management for the Insurance Broker

  Take Away…. How we start our day will most likely dictate how the day will finish up. If you start the day unprepared, then you will typically get very little accomplished. If you start each day with a plan, then you will finish each day successfully. If you can free up 30 minu
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