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New Wellcare Contracting – Check your inbox for updates

WellCare: IMPORTANT Contracting & Certification Updates As we move forward with the combination of Centene and WellCare, a lot of exciting work has been done to improve and integrate broker contracting and Annual Certification Training (ACT). Contracting: In order to streamline th
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SEP Notices For Individuals Affected By COVID-19

UPDATE: Senior Benefit Services has received the following notices from Humana and WellCare in regards to the SEP for those affected by COVID-19 SEP Notice for Individuals Affected by Covid-19 CMS has officially announced an SEP is available for individuals affected by COVID-19. This
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Wellcare: New Process Enrollment – DocuSign Paperless Enrollment

New Process Enrollment: DocuSign Paperless Enrollment This time of uncertainty is unprecedented, and helping beneficiaries navigate their healthcare choices is even more important than ever. Our industry has been presented with challenges and new opportunities to innovate. As a result
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