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# ThursdayThoughts – Medicare Q & A: Open Enrollment vs. Guaranteed Issue

For this week’s Thursday Thoughts* we wanted to address common questions agents are asking us in regards to Medicare and Medicare Supplements. Many of our agent’s most frequently asked questions are focused on Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue.   Q:  Why does it matter if I sa
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#Thursday Thoughts: Referrals… Everybody Wants ‘Em. Everybody Hates Asking For ‘Em.

Referrals… Everybody Wants ‘Em. Everybody Hates Asking For ‘Em. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the majority of insurance agents, and likely, salespeople across all industries struggle with the best ways to ask for referrals. It’s a confusing issue for sure, as it’s common kn
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#ThursdayThoughts – Have You Focused on Your Productivity Lately?

I have a confession to make.  I have become obsessed with something… Productivity! I love reading any article that talks about the subject. I even have every Flipboard article on “Productivity” emailed to me so I don’t miss anything new! What I find consistent with almost every articl
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