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Top 3 Mistakes When Submitting an Application

NIGO… that dreaded acronym… Not In Good Order.  No agent wants to hear this about their recently submitted application. Every agent’s goal is to have an application submitted and approved as quickly as possible, if not immediately. In reality though, NIGO applications account for 40%
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United World Rates Changes in Nevada

Mutual Companies Rate Adjustments Broker Express For producer use only. Not for use by the general public. 01/02/19 Subject: Modernized New and In-Force Rate Adjustments in Nevada The following rate adjustments are effective April 1, 2019 for new business and in-force business for Uni
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Aetna Health and Life Med Supp Rate Adjustment in Delaware

Medicare Supplement rate adjustment in Delaware Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company has received approval for a rate adjustment on individual Medicare Supplement policies currently available in Delaware, effective February 1, 2019. 9% increase on Plans A, B, and F 3% increase on P
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