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Posting on Social Media? One Change to Help You Stand Out!

As an independent insurance agent in the Senior Market you wear more than one hat. Not only do you have to understand the ins and outs of senior insurance, but you also have to promote your business. Let’s face it,  if no one knows that you work in the Senior Insurance Market, then wh
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#ThursdayThoughts Blog: Medicare Advantage Part 3 – Educational Events vs. Marketing/Sales Events

Marketing is always a great way to find new clients for Medicare Advantage plans. However, with everything that goes along with Medicare Advantage there are rules on how you can market those plans. One of the ways in which agents like to reach out to potential new clients is through e
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#ThursdayThoughts Blog: Medicare Advantage Part 2 – Marketing Medicare Advantage Plans

Every year we get questions about selling Medicare Advantage from a lot of “non-Medicare Advantage agents.” So this year I’ve decided to focus on a Medicare Advantage blog series that will address a lot of the questions our Marketing Department receives about Part C (That’s Medi
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