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#TechTuesday: Is it Safe to Send? – Protecting Your Emails

Is It Safe to Send - Protecting Your Emails
#TechTuesday: Is it Safe to Send? – Protecting Your Emails It feels like I’ve been harping on security here lately.  So why stop now? The staff in our office deals with all kinds of information coming in and out from all different types of sources. However, the source I want to
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#TechTuesday: When Disaster Strikes – Call For Your Back Up

Before I start to dig in on today’s topic, (and by that I mean climb up on my soap box) here’s some personal confessions: I have a backup for my backup (and sometimes I back that up too). I save too much, and yes, I make too many copies   For a lot of you this article will come o
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#TechTuesday: A New Carrier Data Security Initiative – What’s It Got To Do With Me?

If you’re an agent working with Aetna, you may have recently received an email about the new Security Requirements.  At the beginning of July, Aetna started to randomly select agents, who were accessing their website, to download a program called AlertSec ACCESS.  We have gotten a few
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