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Are You Licensed with Mutual of Omaha Dental Plans?

Are You Licensed With Mutual of Omaha Dental Plans? In a recent Mutual of Omaha Q&A a common question was asked: Q: If we are licensed to sell Medicare supplement, do we need to be licensed to sell Dental? A: Yes, you do need to be licensed to sell dental insurance.  Also. you nee
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E-Contracting: Out With the Old and In With the New

You may have recently received our email announcing the launch of our Brand New E-Contracting platform.  In this week’s Tech Tuesday Blog I wanted to put a spotlight on this new way to get contracted, and share a little bit of what’s improved, and why we decided to improve it. Let’s T
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#ThursdayThoughts: I Submitted My Contracting; Can I Write An App Now?

As a starting point let’s sketch out the process that you, the agent, would go through prior to requesting appointment with a carrier for a specific product. The question in the title of this blog is just one of the common questions our Contracting Team gets during the onboarding proc
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