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What Do You Know About E&O Coverage?

As a Marketer at Senior Benefit Services, I talk to independent insurance brokers about new products and, more importantly, the easy process in which they can get contracted with us. I’ll throw out statements like, “there are no appointment fees”, “we’ll need your state insurance lice
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#Thursday Thoughts: Referrals… Everybody Wants ‘Em. Everybody Hates Asking For ‘Em.

Referrals… Everybody Wants ‘Em. Everybody Hates Asking For ‘Em. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the majority of insurance agents, and likely, salespeople across all industries struggle with the best ways to ask for referrals. It’s a confusing issue for sure, as it’s common kn
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Am I an Insurance Agent or a Consultant (and, which do you want to be)?

All these years later and the battle rages on between being known in your community and professional circles as a product-based salesperson or a process-driven consultant. Different strokes for different folks I suppose, and far be it for me to tell you how to build your reputation or
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