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Standard Life Medicare Supplement

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Standard Life Medicare Supplement plans are a part of the American National Family of Companies. Many of the standardized Medicare Supplement plans are offered by Standard Life, depending on state availability.


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Why Standard Life?

Standard Life is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of insurance for senior citizens. The Company is highly rated and has a well-established history of developing products to help solve the problem of the high cost of medical and hospital expenses not covered by traditional Medicare.

“Quick Response” Claim System

Based on years of experience helping older Americans manage health expenses, Standard Life has developed procedures to streamline and simplify claim payment. Our computerized system allows us to work directly with Medicare providers throughout the United States, in most cases reducing the time it takes to get claims paid and limiting your need to get involved in the process.

 States that Senior Benefit Services Inc. Serves

          Alabama           Arizona          Arkansas            California
         Colorado         Connecticut          Delaware              Idaho
           Florida           Georgia             Iowa             Kansas
           Illinois           Indiana            Maine             Maryland
         Kentucky          Louisiana         Minnesota            Mississippi
       Massachusetts           Michigan         Nebraska             Nevada
          Missouri           Montana        New Mexico            New York
     New Hampshire        New Jersey             Ohio            Oklahoma
      North Carolina       North Dakota        Rhode Island         South Carolina
          Oregon       Pennsylvania            Texas               Utah
      South Dakota        Tennessee        Washington          West Virginia
          Vermont           Virginia          Wisconsin            Wyoming