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Bankers Fidelity Sales Convention for 2020 Costa Rica

A Tropical Oasis is the Setting for the 2020 Sales Leaders Conference Going on now through October 1, 2019. Bankers Fidelity invites you to indulge in pura vida as they embark on their annual adventure and explore Costa Rica in 2020.  For all the details below is also a link to the 20
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Aetna Announces Sales Convention for 2020 in San Francisco

Unlock the Magic Of the Golden City Going on now through December 31, 2019. For all the details and to track your progress, go to (agent side/promotions). Below is also a link to the 2020 qualification flyer. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  
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Cigna 2020 Sales Convention Announced

Your other life awaits in Monaco in 2020 As one of the world’s elite salespeople, you’ll live steps from the famed Monte Carlo Casino at Cigna Supplemental Benefits (CSB) 2020 Incentive Trip. You’ll be surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Roam the famed Formula One race
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