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Guarantee Trust Life CHS Protection Plus

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Guarantee Trust Life’s CHS Protection Plus plan is a Critical Illness Insurance plan with a reoccurrence benefit that protects your client’s out-of-pocket cost should Cancer, Heart Attack, or Stroke occur. This Critical Illness plan can help pay for the client’s medical bills and indirect costs such as loss of income, every day bills, travel expenses, hotel stays for loved ones, and special equipment if they are diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Under this plan, a lump sum amount will be paid directly to your client, regardless of any other health care coverage they may have, upon the diagnosis of cancer or if your client suffers from a heart attack or stroke. Benefit amounts are flexible, and are eligible to restore through GTL’s Reoccurrence Benefit. Lump Sum benefit options can range from $10,000 to $75,000, in increments of $5,000 depending on the client’s specific needs.

“Two Plans Available”

Lump Sum Cancer


Lump Sum Heart Attack & Stroke Policy

Reoccurrence Benefit Rider Included – this is a percentage* of the Lump Sum Benefit paid when cancer re-occurs after you have been in a period of remission for at least one (1) full year from a previously diagnosed cancer and for which benefits have been paid under this policy. (refer to the chart below)

Plan Details: 

  • Lump Sum Benefits Available from $10,000 to $75,000
  • Issue Ages 0 – 85
  • Coverage Available for Individuals, Single Parent, Couple, and Family
  • Intensive Care Rider (Pays and indemnity benefit of $150 per unit day confined to an intensive care unit)
  • Return of Premium Rider (Will return all premiums less any claims paid if the client passes away before age 85)