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#ThursdayThoughts – Have You Focused on Your Productivity Lately?

I have a confession to make.  I have become obsessed with something… Productivity! I love reading any article that talks about the subject. I even have every Flipboard article on “Productivity” emailed to me so I don’t miss anything new! What I find consistent with almost every articl
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#TechTuesday: Adding OneNote and Evernote to your Digital Briefcase

In our recent blog post: How’s That (Tech) Been Working Out for Ya? we discussed how agents are creating “digital briefcases” to help improve their business and workflow.  We mentioned a few digital tools we recommend and use in our own digital briefcases.  In the next few #TechTuesda
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How’s That (Tech) Been Working Out for Ya?

Senior Benefit Services has been encouraging agents to go paperless since 2011. And now, a full seven years later we ask, how’s that been working out for ya? If I recall correctly we entered the “Digital Age” sometime in the mid-90’s (sure seems like a long time ago now) and it feels
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