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Keeping Your Business Going During COVID-19 (Utilizing e-Apps)

Your Home Office
Like everyone in the United States and around the world, we’re dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. In Maryland, where Senior Benefit Services is located, and the surrounding states, most non-essential businesses are being shut down and people are encouraged to practice
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# ThursdayThoughts – Medicare Q & A: Open Enrollment vs. Guaranteed Issue

For this week’s Thursday Thoughts* we wanted to address common questions agents are asking us in regards to Medicare and Medicare Supplements. Many of our agent’s most frequently asked questions are focused on Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue.   Q:  Why does it matter if I sa
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Beginner’s Guide To Being Your Own Digital Marketer

Beginners Guide To Being Your Own Digital Marketer
Want More Business? I’ve said before that the best way to obtain new clients is through referrals. The problem is you have to start somewhere to obtain new leads, especially if you’re new to the insurance market. I touched on this topic briefly with a previous blog post: “Want More Le
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Want More Leads?

As a member of the Marketing Department here at Senior Benefit Services the number one question we hear from new agents calling in is, “do you have any leads?” Well, the honest answer is “no, I don’t have any leads in my back pocket.” However, we do have suggestions on how to obtain l
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Top 3 Mistakes When Submitting an Application

NIGO… that dreaded acronym… Not In Good Order.  No agent wants to hear this about their recently submitted application. Every agent’s goal is to have an application submitted and approved as quickly as possible, if not immediately. In reality though, NIGO applications account for 40%
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Simplify The Scheduling Process

Sometimes booking appointments can be a lot of back and forth.  How often do you find yourself in this conversation? How Does Tuesday at 2:00 work for you? This coming Tuesday? Oh that won’t work for me. What about the same time Wednesday? That won’t work either, have anything in the
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Medicare Plan Finder Gets an Upgrade for the First Time in a Decade

Medicare Plan Finder Gets an Upgrade for the First Time in a Decade Source:, find the original post here. Aug 27, 2019 Medicare Plan Finder Gets an Upgrade for the First Time in a Decade It’s Now Easier to Compare Coverage Options and Shop for Medicare Health and Drug Plans Fo
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Posting on Social Media? One Change to Help You Stand Out!

As an independent insurance agent in the Senior Market you wear more than one hat. Not only do you have to understand the ins and outs of senior insurance, but you also have to promote your business. Let’s face it,  if no one knows that you work in the Senior Insurance Market, then wh
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Critical Illness Vlog

Welcome to Our Critical Illness Vlog Page! Comparing Critical Illness: GTL vs Aetna In this video our marketers, Eran and Juliane, take a further look at GTL’s Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke plan versus Aetna’s (Continental Life) Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke plan and &
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