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I Submitted My Contracting; Can I Write An App Now?

The question in the title of this blog is one of the most common questions our Contracting Team is asked during the carrier appointment process. The short and sweet answer is, “it depends”, as there are some nuances that tend to muddy the water. To help you better understand the proce
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What Do You Know About E&O Coverage?

As a Marketer at Senior Benefit Services, I talk to independent insurance brokers about new products and, more importantly, the easy process in which they can get contracted with us. I’ll throw out statements like, “there are no appointment fees”, “we’ll need your state insurance lice
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Make This Your Best Summer Yet

Summer of 2020 Might Be Looking a Little Different Most agents tell us that summer is the “slow” time of the year because people are on vacation or attending summer events; basically not really interested in discussing insurance policies. Every year we hear this and remind our agents
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May The 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day! May The 4th Be With You A long time ago…. in a galaxy far, far away… FMOs originally started to help agents in the Senior Insurance Market.  For some agents, this gave them A New Hope and an ally.  While other agents enter into agreements and quickly f
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Keeping Your Business Going During COVID-19 (Utilizing e-Apps)

Your Home Office
Like everyone in the United States and around the world, we’re dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. In Maryland, where Senior Benefit Services is located, and the surrounding states, most non-essential businesses are being shut down and people are encouraged to practice
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# ThursdayThoughts – Medicare Q & A: Open Enrollment vs. Guaranteed Issue

For this week’s Thursday Thoughts* we wanted to address common questions agents are asking us in regards to Medicare and Medicare Supplements. Many of our agent’s most frequently asked questions are focused on Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue.   Q:  Why does it matter if I sa
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